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Hello . My name is Carol Bemmels and as an EFT practitioner, I want to make it possible for you to have more joy and emotional freedom in your life.

In 1999 I stumbled across a remarkable tool that completely changed the way I work with people to help them feel better and change their lives.  It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques and it’s the most effective therapeutic tool I’ve ever found in my 40 plus years of helping people to heal and change their lives  It’s simple to use, easy to learn, safe and gentle, with rapid/long-lasting results.

How does it work?

EFT is a universal healing aid which works by gently tapping on some head, hand and upper body points of the energy meridian system while focusing on the problem you want to eliminate.  Based on the ancient wisdom of acupuncture,  EFT couples modern psychological techniques with acupoint tapping and the result is rapid relief from painful emotions.  Without the needles!  And when the emotional distress leaves the body … so does the physical discomfort and accompanying negative beliefs and behavior.

What’s left then is peace, joy, the natural energy and excitement you want to be feeling.  What’s left is the emotional freedom to act differently, the way you chose to act.  People are often amazed by how quickly an overwhelming issue becomes an -Oh yeah, it used to bother me – memory, nothing more.  When the past no longer controls the present, life takes on a spacious feeling of well-being.  And that’s emotional freedom.

Who can use it?

Anyone.  All of us.  It truly is universal. Young children can (and do) do it.  EFT can be used, with great care and gentleness on babies and the dying.  Trauma relief workers are using it in disaster areas around the world.  Medical doctors, sports trainers, psychologists, school counselors, teachers, professionals in business and social service.  The list go on and on.  Most people, however, who do EFT are not professionals;  they’re just ordinary people who are learning and applying it to themselves and their loved ones.

What could you use it on?

It’s motto is .. Try it on everything!  You can use it on your stuck-in-traffic frustration.  You can use it on post traumatic stress.  And everything in between.  Perhaps you can think of some small issue or habit or memory that is giving you discomfort, something that you’d like to change but have assumed “that’s just me” or “I just have to live with it”.   Since, it’s so safe, easy and quick … people do try it on lots of things, even long standing problems that they never thought would change.  But they do!

And even though physical diseases and symptoms have physical causes … they also have emotional components, if not causes.  So while EFT makes no claims for cures and always advises consultation with appropriate medical professionals,  it might make sense to try a little tapping too.  When the body’s emotional energy is in harmony, it can more easily be about the work of physical healing.

I want to tell you a story, a true one.  I usually tell it when I’m  introducing EFT in lectures or trainings, because it illustrates how easy and effective EFT can be.  Not to mention, fast.  So buckle your seat belt.

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